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4.875% & up for 30 yr.

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We have Conforming, FHA, VA,
High Balance, Jumbo, USDA loans.

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4.875%*          *APR 4.875% 30-Year Fixed in Oct 2018 with No Orig. Fee/pts.


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Let us be your advocate and determine if you are getting the best rate and loan possible. We will look over your current loan situation and give our opinion whether or not it is legitamate.

Michael D. Wilder - NMLS # 290687
President / PLM / MA, Licensed Loan Officer - Utah and Florida

Michael D. Wilder - NMLS # 290687
Michael is the president of Advocate Home Loans, Inc. and currently resides in Florida with his wife.  He has an extensive background in finances and has a Masters Degree in Accounting and has been in the mortgage industry for over 17 years.
He has helped numerous people get the financing they deserve at unbeatable rates and fees. Michael feels it is important to be strictly honest in all his transactions and to give to the client the best possible loan.

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  Advocate Home Loans, Inc. (NMLS # 315362) is committed to giving you some of best rates, lowest Loan Cost, and timely service in the industry today. When we give a Loan Estimate (LE) and lock the rate, we will guarantee (no bait and switch here) the rate and LE reported Loan Cost (title cost not included and no change in documentation). We want your business today and tomorrow, also from your family, friends, and associates. Our company is based on repeat business and referrals. We do apply the “Golden Rule” and maintain the highest level of integrity, trust, and professionalism as a licensed mortgage broker.
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